This is provided to assist clients in making informed financial decisions when buying, selling or leasing vehicles. Being knowledgeable before shopping can help save those hard-earned dollars. This page is organized in logical steps to help you prepare yourself.

(STEP #1) Determine Trade-in Values – Use this link to determine the trade-in value of your vehicle. The valuation will take into consideration the make, model, year, mileage, condition and vehicle amenities.

(STEP #2) Determine Affordability – Based on your down payment (if any), trade-in (if any), current interest rates, and the amount you can afford monthly, this loan payment calculator will determine what purchase price you can afford. With this information, proceed to the new or used car values to select a vehicle within your price range.

(STEP #3a) New Car Values – Use this link to determine the suggested resale price of a planned new car purchase.

(STEP #3b) Used Car Values – If you plan on purchasing a used vehicle, use this link to determine the estimated used car retail value. Caution: Used car values can vary significantly, based on the condition of the vehicle.

(STEP #4) See if any of the special considerations below apply to you.

Considering a Lease? If you are considering a lease rather than purchasing a vehicle, our calculator can assist you in evaluating whether it is better to lease or buy.

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