After 2012, the limitation on deductible medical expenses increases for most taxpayers from the current 7.5% of AGI to 10% (it remains at 7.5% for taxpayers age 65 and over through 2016). So if you need some dental work, laser eye surgery, or other elective but deductible medical procedures, you might consider doing so sooner than later to take advantage of the current lower AGI limit. (But forget that face lift or other nip and tuck procedure you’ve been thinking about – cosmetic surgery costs aren’t deductible unless related to a physical injury or disfiguring disease.) Also, if you are paying for a procedure over time, it might be appropriate to pay it all at once to increase your currently deductible medical expenses.

Determining whether the tax benefits after the AGI limit is applied warrant the current expenditure can be complicated, and you may wish to call this office for assistance.

The following is a checklist of deductible medical expenses. The list is by no means all-inclusive, and some of the deductions listed may have additional restrictions not included here.

Abortion, Legal Lead-Based Paint Removal
Acupuncture Learning Disability
Artificial Limb Learning Disability
Alcoholism Treatment Medical Services
Ambulance Medicines, Prescribed
Artificial Limb Mentally Retarded, Special Home for
Artificial Teeth Nursing Home
Birth Control Pills Nursing Services
Braille Books and Magazines Operations
Chiropractor Optometrist
Christian Science Practitioner Organ Donors
Contact Lenses Osteopath
Crutches Oxygen
Dental Treatment Prosthesis
Drug Addiction Treatment Psychiatric Care
Drugs (Prescription) Psychoanalysis
Eyeglasses Psychologist
Fertility Enhancement Special Schools and Education
Guide Dog Sterilization
Hearing Aids Stop Smoking Programs
Hospital Services Surgery
Impairment-Related Expenses Therapy
Insurance Premiums Vasectomy
Laboratory Fees Weight-Loss Program
Laser Eye Surgery Wig (Cancer Patient)

Please call this office with questions regarding these or other potential medical deductions.

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